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Got Mold? We Have the Cure!

Certified Mold Inspector and Certified Mold Removal Professional Service
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What is a base line for air sampling? A base line is what you take on the out side of the house on or building for the lab to compare the outside with the inside of the house or building. This is done for the lab to compare the inside samples taken with the out side. Always take a base for th...

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What do you think a containment area is?
A containment area contains. A containment contains something in one area so it does not spread and it does not affect the rest of the area or the building or the house. For example, if you are working on a bathroom in a house, you need to turn off the h...

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Is this little bird after the water removal or after the mold removal or after the fish? Or, all three? Smiles.

Can mold or fungus grow in our lungs? Can everyone be affected by mold or fungus in different ways?
How do we deal with mold or fungus and how does mold and fungus affect your body ...

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It is time to put things back and things have been put back and a family is ready to resume there life, again and get things back to normal.
Now, hold on! Before you put things back after a water damage or mold removal, are you checking to make sure you have proper moisture level readings? Are y...

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Got Mold? Need Mold? Clean Mold? Remove Mold?
HEPA Vacuum up my mold! PLEASE!

Can you have mold or elevated levels of mold in your home without seeing any issue or mold issue or mold concern? Yes.
Do you have to see visible issues or traces of organic growth or mold to have issues with mold...

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Window repair and stone repair from a water damage and structural dry out and mold clean up and mold removal job. Turned out, real well.

So, what is A Mold Investigation of a home and what does it entail? A Mold Investigation is someone who investigates the home or building for issues such as ...

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Is this organic growth or do you think this is mold?
What is the difference between organic growth and mold? Are they both organic? Have you ever seen anything like this in your Crawl Space? What are some reasons that you have the development of Mold or Organic Growth? There could be a number...

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Would you remove the insulation in the crawl space if this crawl space had mold?
What is important is to remove the insulation because there might be mold growing behind the insulation and if you do not remove the insulation, you may not see issues and you need to get behind to insulation to remo...

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It is amazing what a toilet leak can do to a house when the toilet is upstairs and leaks to the down stairs of the house and it can cause extensive water and mold damage to a home if you do not catch it, in time.
Water Damage to a home can be quite costly if you do not get to it quickly! When yo...

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Certified mold inspections, Certified mold removal

  • Do It Yourself Sampling And Testing

    Take your own sample with a Q-tip and send to me for testing and me going over the lab report with you.
  • If you are in the Charlotte North Carolina area, I will come take 2 samples and send off for testing from an out side lab.

    David Snell, who is a certified Mold Inspector, will personally come to your home to take samples and express them off to the lab for testing. I will do a visual inspection to the inside of your home, as well as take either 2 air samples, either 2 swabs, (your choice) and ship them off to the lab for testing and you will get the lab report and the labs findings well as the lab telling you if you have elevated levels of mold as well as what kind of mold you have and the lab will spell out what kind of health effects to expect from the particular type of mold you have been exposed to so you can take the lab report or send the lab report to your health care professional or turn in an insurance claim to your insurance company. Remember, knowledge is power and even more powerful is, applied knowledge is even more powerful. Any additional samples, while I am at your home are only $99.00 a piece. This is only good while I am at your home, for this special pricing.
  • Infrared Red Scans, Thermal Scans to the inside of your home.

    If you are local in the Charlotte North Carolina area and you want all your walls and ceilings scanned in your home using infrared technology, aka Thermal Scans, then I will scan all your walls and ceilings in your home. This does not include a written report of my findings. If you want this, price for this will an extra $199.00 fee of what I see and my findings for a house up to 2,000 square feet. For every 1,000 square feet additional space, add on $100 per 1,000 square feet. This helps me determine what is going on behind walls with moisture issues and then I also include penetrating or non penetrating moisture readings with this to confirm my findings and double check my findings and readings. Most people do not know the moisture level readings of there home but should know what moisture level readings are and what is going on behind walls and ceilings to be informed of what is going on with your home or the home you are renting. This pricing took effect January 1, 2019.


2 weeks ago
I have known David Snell for 8 years. Being in the Indoor Air Quality business myself I am grateful to have David to confer with. He has been extremely helpful over the years. David operates with absolute integrity and is mono-maniacally focused on solving your mold problems. Got Mold - Call David.
- Jim P
a week ago
Executive Restoration is very knowledgeable when it comes to indoor air quality and all things mold, how it affects your health, and how to detect/clean it up. David really takes the time to know your particular situation and circumstances to help you in the best way possible and answer any questions/concerns you have. I am confident in his expertise and passion for what he does to help create healthy homes to improve health.
- Mary A
3 days ago
I recently moved and had some concerns about possible mold and air quality issues. I found David's website online and called about scheduling an inspection. I sent pictures of my main areas of concern and David was able to come out within a couple of days. He explained the entire process and took the time to answer all of my questions (which were many). The turnaround time for results from the lab was very quick and David talked through the report with me over the phone and made recommendations for remediation. I am so glad that I found David online and highly recommend his business for mold inspection and air quality testing!
- Miranda F

Got Mold? We Have the Cure!

What sets Executive Restoration, LLC  apart from anyone else, is that, we are very passionate about finding mold issues and correcting those mold issues. 

The first thing we like to do, is offer a mold inspection and take air samples to send off to the lab for testing to determine, what they are breathing and if there is an elevated issue with mold.  

We use an independent lab which is a  neutral third party to ensure there is no conflict of interest.                        

This simple but critical step will bring visibility to the issue and credibility to the solutions, we will offer. 

Got Mold? We Have the Cure!  

Call me, David Snell, a 34 year veteran mold professional, who is passionate about serving you and curing your mold problems away!  

Reach out to me today and let me cure your problems.

Call or text: 704.905.9152

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